One Love Loose Leaf Tea ( Multiple Flavors)

One Love Loose Leaf Tea ( Multiple Flavors)

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Each container has 1.5oz of infused tea blend

This product contains small amounts of THC within the legal limit. Please reference third party lab results at bottom. 

ADD a silicone Tea infuser !

The following flavors contain up to 18 servings and up to 90mg of CBD:

Sunrise Citrus Green Tea
Planet Passion Green Tea
Golden Chai Turmeric
Raspberry Daze Red Rooibos
Blazin' Berry Black Tea
Peachy Ginger Black Tea
Hibiscus Haze Yerba Mate 
Mango Magic Honeybush
Banana Bread Honeybush
Coconut Island Green Rooibos
Apple Pie Green Tea
The following flavors contain up to 12 servings and up to 60mg of CBD:
Maui Sage Yerba Mate
Planet Passion Green Tea
Lemon Leaf Yerba Mate

Steeping Instructions

HOT - Scoop 1.5 tsp of tea into your loose leaf tea infuser.  Pour 8 oz of hot water over your tea. Steep for 1 to 3 minutes.  Remove loose tea and enjoy.

ICED - 1.5 tsp of tea for 8 oz of water. Steep for at least 30 minutes, then enjoy.


Third Party Lab Results

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